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Lost and Found


The central Lost and Found is located at the Dept. of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness (DPSEP) office in Dubourg Hall, Room 9. Found items should be turned in there, and people wishing to claim lost items should do so at that location. If it is not possible to get an item to that location, please call Public Safety at 314-977-2376 and ask that an officer pick the item up.  When found items are turned in to Public Safety, it would be helpful to also report where and when the item was found.

Found items are held for 60 days minimum at which time they are donated to a charitable organization. Anyone claiming property must show positive identification such as a student ID or a driver's license.

In addition to the online facilities below, people can inquire about found property and report lost property by phoning DPSEP at 314-977-2376.

To report a lost item on line click here.

To see a list of found items online, use the links below. Keep in mind there may be some delay between receipt of an item and its addition to the property list. So check the list regularly. Also note that items lost at the Chaifetz Arena are not managed by DPSEP, but are held by the Arena's management company. To inquire about property lost at Chaifetz, call Guest Services ar 314-977-5018 during business hours.

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